General Price List

Mandated by the Federal Trade Commission, every funeral home is required to offer their client families a copy of their General Price List which represents the services and merchandise items of the funeral home, and their fees.

Each General Price List has a set of disclosures that have been very carefully crafted by the FTC to serve as educational tools and built-in protections for all consumers.

While most funeral homes will only give you their General Price List, we believe in being as transparent with our clients as possible, and presenting them not only with our General Price List, but our Casket, Outer Burial Container, and Urn Price Lists, as well as our payment policy, package descriptions, provisions for WV DHHR assisted funeral and cremations and other useful information, all in one magnificently detailed booklet. 

From the day we opened our funeral home, we openly published our prices and were the first funeral home in North Central WV to do so.